About us

From 2007 to 2011

ecoSanity.org conducted itself as an independent, hard truth, environmental / social justice, volunteer activist / advocacy initiative based in Toronto, Canada.

From 2012 to present

With regret and the occasional exception, it has become necessary for Founder, Glenn MacIntosh, ecoSanity’s lone full-time player, to step back from public activities, volunteer organizing and video / stills / image creation services to recharge / streamline / evaluate paths forward for a bit, and devote more time to research, Climate Compilations and online advocacy.

ecoSanity’s focus

The clear, present, accelerating global emergency of the climate (energy / population / democracy / justice) crisis and the unprecedented threat posed RIGHT NOW to the survival of most life THIS century.

ecoSanity advocates for

EMERGENCY worldwide mobilization at EMERGENCY (world war-time, survival or mass extinction, transwarp) speed to restore our rapidly destabilizing global climate to the safe balance that allowed us to evolve.